David Weber Photography

About me.

I am a current student at University of California, Riverside, majoring in both Mathematics and Computer Science.
During breaks from school, I travel as much as I can-- and I consider this an honor and a privilege.

After my first trip to Jordan in 2013, I immediately bought a Canon DSLR. Photographing the places I go has been a passion of mine ever since. With my photos I try to form a comprehensive image of a destination in such a way that it represents (through my eyes) the culture and beauty of that particular place.

I believe travel photography provides an invaluable lens into the diversity of our world. It reveals unique moments that capture and intrigue viewers. The aim of my photography, and I believe of all travel photography, is to inspire in others the desire to see the world around them-- the jawdropping sights that change our worldview, the unique faces that give vibrancy to their culture, and the moments of pure bliss that lodge themselves deep in our memory.
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